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SAAB KEY PROGRAMMING 9-3 9-5. *FAST SHIP* ALL KEYS LOST please read carefully

SAAB KEY PROGRAMMING 9-3 9-5. *FAST SHIP* ALL KEYS LOST please read carefully

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SAAB KEY PROGRAMMING 9-3 9-5. *FAST SHIP* ALL KEYS LOST please read carefully.


This listing does not include a CIM module, it only includes a fob and programming.

This will work with any SAAB 9-3 or 9-5 with a CIM module.

This listing is for programming an included aftermarket key fob to your own CIM.

It includes a brand-new high-quality fob with a new battery.

This is not a repair service and will not fix/repair anything in any way.

This service requires you to mail in your CIM module. Shipping included in the listing is only from us to you, the buyer is responsible for shipping costs to us.

This will be plug and play providing it is going back into the same car it came from and will not require any additional programming to start your car and have full remote functions.

You can of course install it in another car provided you or someone you know has a Tech2 and the knowledge to add it to the car.

Please be sure the SRS/Airbag clock spring cannot rotate during shipping.

It is probably best if you remove the levers as it will make it much easier to pack and ship.

Please pack the CIM with care as any damage will not be repaired with this listing.

Please ask any questions before purchase as we want this to be a pleasant transaction for everyone. We have a 24-hour turnaround in most cases, there are times things do not work the way we want them to, if this happens, we will contact you immediately and resolve the issue in your best interest.

We ship items every day the USPS is in operation to the public and have no control over delays while in the postal system.


Please do not pay attention to the ebay shipping times, we only add the extra time to allow you to remove, pack and ship your CIM to us.


Shipping to us is your responsibility.

Shipping back is on us.


The main thing when removing the CIM is to be careful of what position everything is in, meaning the clock spring and such. Disconnecting the battery for a short time before removal is also very important as the SRS system has capacitors/power back up. Once you get the steering wheel off just mark the clock spring to the CIM housing and secure it with tape so nothing moves after that. The reason being is there is a steering angle sensor within the CIM and if it gets turned out place it has to be recalibrated, not a big deal as nothing would be permanently damaged and the car can still be driven it would just have to be reset. The other reason is the clock spring needs to stay in place as it is a ribbon cable and can only be turned so much before getting damaged. After everything is removed do not reconnect the battery or turn anything.


ship to


5518 birdwood rd

houston,tx 77096

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