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2 pc 2008-2015 Honda Accord Pilot / 4-Button Remote Head Key / KR55WK49308 / (AFTERMARKET)

2 pc 2008-2015 Honda Accord Pilot / 4-Button Remote Head Key / KR55WK49308 / (AFTERMARKET)

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we are proffesional automotive locksmiths and we sell only what we test first to make sure everything works !

Product Title: 

Pair of 2008-2015 Honda Accord Pilot 4-Button Aftermarket Remote Head Keys - KR55WK49308 / 314 MHz 

Product Description: 

Key Highlights: 

  • Tailored for Honda Accord & Pilot: This set includes two aftermarket remote head keys, designed specifically for the Honda Accord Sedan (2008-2012) and Honda Pilot (2009-2015). Note: The trunk button is not functional on Pilot Touring models, and these keys are not compatible with Accord Coupes. 
  • Comprehensive Functionality: Featuring buttons for Lock, Unlock, Trunk (Accord models and non-Touring Pilots), and Panic, these remotes enhance your vehicle’s accessibility and security. 
  • Advanced Security Technology: Equipped with a Phillips 46 chip and operating at a frequency of 314 MHz, these keys offer reliable communication and enhanced security for your Honda vehicle. 
  • Exceptional Value: Priced at $17.99 for the pair, these keyless entry remotes represent an affordable solution for key replacement or duplication, with interest-free installment payment options available for orders over $50.00. 
  • SKU: 160 2pc 

Why Choose These Remote Head Keys? 

  • Convenience & Security: Ensure you’re always prepared with a spare key, enhancing both convenience and security for your Honda Accord or Pilot. 
  • Professional Quality: As automotive locksmiths who test what we sell, we ensure these keys meet high standards of quality and reliability, guaranteeing they work as intended. 
  • Ready for Use: These keys come ready to be programmed by a professional, ensuring a hassle-free synchronization with your vehicle's system. 
  • Quick and Convenient Pickup: Available for collection at 5518 Birdwood Rd, typically ready within 24 hours, making the process of key replacement or duplication straightforward. 
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