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2 pc H74 / H86 Ford Mazda Lincoln Transponder Key (4D60 Chip) (AFTERMARKET)

2 pc H74 / H86 Ford Mazda Lincoln Transponder Key (4D60 Chip) (AFTERMARKET)

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Product Title: 

Pair of H74/H86 Transponder Keys for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln (4D60 Chip) - Aftermarket 

Product Description: 

Key Highlights: 

  • Broad Compatibility: This aftermarket set includes two H74/H86 transponder keys fitted with the robust TEXAS ID 4D60 GLASS chip, suitable for a wide array of vehicles from Ford, Mazda, and Lincoln. Ensure uninterrupted access to your vehicle with these essential backup keys. 
  • Compatible Models Include: Ford Escape (2001-2004), Ford Focus (2000-2005), Ford Thunderbird (2002), Lincoln LS (2000-2001), and Mazda Tribute (2001-2004). A comprehensive compatibility list is provided below. 
  • Premium Construction: Crafted to adhere to stringent quality criteria, these transponder keys represent a reliable and affordable solution for key replacement or duplication. 
  • Value for Money: At a competitive price of $8.90 for two keys, you'll find these to offer a more economical alternative compared to dealership prices, with flexible payment options available for larger orders. 
  • SKU: 365 2pc 

Compatible with the following:

  • Ford Escape 2001-2004
  • Ford Focus 2000-2005
  • Ford Thunderbird 2002
  • Lincoln LS 2000-2001
  • Mazda Tribute 2001-2004

Why Opt for These Transponder Keys? 

  • Reliable Vehicle Access: Designed for compatibility with a range of models, these keys assure access to your vehicle in any circumstances, ensuring peace of mind. 
  • Preparation for Programming: These uncut transponder keys are primed for professional programming and cutting, ensuring a precise fit for your vehicle's ignition and lock mechanisms. 
  • Convenient and Compact: Their lightweight and compact design means these keys can be easily stored in your wallet, purse, or emergency kit, so you're always prepared. 
  • Quick Pickup Available: Ready for collection at 5518 Birdwood Rd, typically within 24 hours, making it straightforward to quickly secure your new transponder keys. 
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