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2 pc 2010-2019 GM Cadillac Chevrolet / HS Emergency Key Blade / HU100 / 22856930 5912534 (AFTERMARKET)

2 pc 2010-2019 GM Cadillac Chevrolet / HS Emergency Key Blade / HU100 / 22856930 5912534 (AFTERMARKET)

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Product Title: 

Pair of 2010-2019 GM Cadillac Chevrolet HS Emergency Key Blades - HU100 / 22856930 5912534 (Aftermarket) 

Product Description: 

Key Highlights: 

  • Specially Crafted for GM Vehicles: This package includes two aftermarket emergency key blades, designed to seamlessly integrate with the smart proximity remotes of select GM, Cadillac, and Chevrolet models. Each blade is precision-crafted to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance. 
  • Wide Vehicle Compatibility: Perfectly compatible with a range of models from Cadillac ATS, CTS, ELR, SRX, and XTS to Chevrolet Corvette, covering model years from 2010 to 2019. These emergency blades are essential for accessing your vehicle in situations where the smart functionality may be compromised. 
  • High-Quality Construction: Manufactured with the HU100 keyway and spanning code series V0001-Z6000, these blades are made to meet high standards of quality and durability. 
  • Exceptional Value: Offered at a competitive price of $8.90 for two blades, providing an affordable and practical solution for emergency access needs. Interest-free installment payment options are available for orders over $50.00. 
  • SKU: e32 2pc 

Compatible with the Following Models: 

  • Cadillac: ATS (2013-2015), CTS (2014), ELR (2014-2016), SRX (2010-2016), XTS (2013-2018) 
  • Chevrolet: Corvette (2014-2019) 

Why Opt for These Emergency Key Blades? 

  • Reliability in Emergencies: Designed to provide access to your vehicle in situations where the main remote is unavailable or non-functional, ensuring you're always prepared. 
  • Easy to Carry: Compact and lightweight, these key blades can be easily stored within your wallet, purse, or emergency kit for quick access when needed. 
  • Ready for Cutting: These uncut emergency blades are ready to be precisely shaped by a professional locksmith, matching your vehicle's lock specifications. 
  • Quick and Convenient Pickup: Available for collection at 5518 Birdwood Rd, typically ready within 24 hours, making the process of obtaining your new emergency keys straightforward and efficient. 
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