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2 1999-2009 BMW / 2-Track EWS Remote Head Key / LX8FZV (Chip PCF795 44) (AFTERMARKET)

2 1999-2009 BMW / 2-Track EWS Remote Head Key / LX8FZV (Chip PCF795 44) (AFTERMARKET)

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we are proffesional automotive locksmiths and we sell only what we test first to make sure everything works !


Product Title: 

Pair of 1999-2009 BMW 2-Track EWS Aftermarket Remote Head Keys - LX8FZV / PCF7935 44 Chip / 315 MHz 

Product Description: 

Product Highlights: 

  • Double Convenience: This set includes two aftermarket remote head keys, providing a seamless replacement or spare for your BMW's EWS system. 
  • Broad BMW Compatibility: Engineered to work with a wide range of BMW models from 1999 to 2009, ensuring precise fitment and functionality. 
  • Advanced Security Chip: Each key is equipped with a PCF7935 44 chip, offering enhanced security and peace of mind. 
  • Reliable Frequency: Operates on a 315 MHz frequency for effective communication between the key and vehicle. 
  • Great Value: Attractively priced at $24.99 for two keys, with flexible payment options available. 
  • SKU: 115 2pc 

Compatible BMW Models: 

  • 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series (1999-2005) 
  • M3 (1999-2005), M5 (2000-2003) 
  • Z3 (2000-2002), Z4 (2002-2009), Z8 (2000-2003) 
  • X3 (2003-2009), X5 (2000-2006) 

Why Opt for These Keys? 

  • Expertly Tested: As professional automotive locksmiths, we sell only what we've tested first to ensure everything works perfectly with your BMW. 
  • Ready for Pickup: Available at 5518 Birdwood Rd, typically within 24 hours, for a quick and convenient replacement process. 
  • On-Board Programming: Note that the remote portion requires separate on-board programming, allowing for a customized setup to your specific vehicle. 

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