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2000-2009 BMW HU92 2 Track Transponder Key SHELL (NO CHIP)

2000-2009 BMW HU92 2 Track Transponder Key SHELL (NO CHIP)

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    Product Title:

    2000-2009 BMW HU92 2 Track Transponder Key Shell (No Chip) - Aftermarket 

    Product Description:

    Discover the ideal solution for BMW owners in need of a key shell replacement with our aftermarket BMW HU92 2 Track Transponder Key Shell. Specifically designed for BMW models from the years 2000 to 2009, this key shell offers a perfect blend of quality and value. Whether you're aiming to refurbish your existing key or prepare a new transponder, this key shell is your go-to choice. 

    Key Features: 

    • Designed for BMW: Tailored to fit a wide range of BMW models, ensuring a perfect match for your vehicle. 
    • High-Quality Material: Crafted from durable materials for longevity and resilience against wear and tear. 
    • HU92 Blade Profile: Features a precise 2-track blade profile, compatible with the BMW HU92 keyway. 
    • No Chip Included: This offering is a shell only, providing flexibility for those who already have a chip or are looking to replace a damaged key case. 
    • Test Key: HU92: Facilitates easy matching and cutting by a professional locksmith. 
    • Affordable Solution: Priced at just $1.89 USD, offering great value for BMW owners looking to replace their key shell without breaking the bank. 
    • SKU: 775 

    Compatible with the following:

    • BMW 3-Series 2000-2005
    • BMW 5-Series 2004-2005
    • BMW 6-Series 2004-2005
    • BMW X3 2003-2009
    • BMW X5 2000-2006
    • BMW Z4 2003-2009
    • BMW Z8 2001-2003
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