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2 pc 2013-2019 Kia Cadenza K900 / Emergency Key / LXP90 / PN: 81996-3T000 (AFTERMARKET)

2 pc 2013-2019 Kia Cadenza K900 / Emergency Key / LXP90 / PN: 81996-3T000 (AFTERMARKET)

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Product Title: 

Pair of 2013-2019 Kia Cadenza, K900 Emergency Keys - LXP90 / PN: 81996-3T000 (Aftermarket) 

Product Description: 

Key Highlights: 

  • Exclusively Designed for Kia Vehicles: This set includes two aftermarket emergency keys, created specifically for the Kia Cadenza and K900 models from 2013 to 2019. These keys serve as a crucial backup to access your vehicle in scenarios where the primary smart key might not be functional. 
  • Broad Compatibility: Perfectly tailored to fit both the Kia Cadenza (2013-2019) and Kia K900 (2015-2017), ensuring seamless use and reliability. 
  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted with precision, these keys feature the LXP90 keyway, ready to be cut to match your vehicle's specific lock pattern. 
  • Outstanding Value: Offered at an affordable price of $6.95 for the pair, these emergency keys represent a cost-effective solution to ensure you're always prepared for the unexpected, with interest-free installment payment options available for orders over $50.00. 
  • SKU: E9 2pc 

Why Choose These Emergency Keys? 

  • Peace of Mind: Having a spare emergency key ensures that you can always access your vehicle, even in situations where your main key fob is lost or the battery has died. 
  • Ready for Cutting: These uncut emergency keys are designed to be precisely shaped by a professional locksmith, ensuring a perfect fit for your Kia's locks. 
  • Convenience: Lightweight and compact, these keys are easy to carry and store, providing a reliable backup without the bulk. 
  • Quick and Easy Pickup: Available for collection at 5518 Birdwood Rd, typically ready within 24 hours, facilitating a hassle-free process to secure your new emergency keys. 
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