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2017-2022 Ford / 3-Button Smart Key / PEPS / 164-R8163 / M3N-A2C93142300 (OEM Refurb)

2017-2022 Ford / 3-Button Smart Key / PEPS / 164-R8163 / M3N-A2C93142300 (OEM Refurb)

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  • Original OEM
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • FCC ID: M3N-A2C93142300
  • IC: 7812A-A2C93142300
  • Frequency: 315 MHz
  • Battery: CR2450
  • Button: Lock, Unlock, Panic
  • Aftermarket Emergency Key Included:
  • Test Key: HU101
  • PN: 5929508, 164-R8163, HC3T-15K601-AB, HC3T-15K601-AD
  • sku:1915

Compatible With

Make Model Year
Ford Bronco 2021
Ford Ecosport 2018-2022
Ford Edge 2017-2022
Ford Escape 2020-2022
Ford Explorer 2018-2022
Ford F-150 2018-2022
Ford F-250 2017-2022
Ford F-350 2017-2022
Ford F-450 2017-2022
Ford F-550 2017-2022
Ford F-650 2017-2019
Ford F-750 2017-2019
Ford F-Series 2017-2019
Ford Fusion 2017-2021
Ford Maverick 2022
Ford Ranger 2019-2022
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Shop for Genuine Ford Smart Key at CarKeys-4-Less

In the world of automotive technology, advancements continue
to redefine the way we interact with our vehicles. CarKeys-4-Less proudly
introduces the Ford Smart Proxy Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob – a game-changing
innovation that seamlessly integrates convenience, compatibility, and
affordability into a single, sleek device. Elevate your Ford driving experience
to new heights with this cutting-edge key that sets new standards for
automotive technology.

Key Features Redefining Excellence

Discover a realm of automotive innovation as we unveil the
exceptional attributes that set the Ford Smart Key from CarKeys-4-Less apart
from the rest.

Craftsmanship at its Finest

The Ford Smart Key from CarKeys-4-Less embodies the
precision and performance of a factory-fresh key. Engineered to flawlessly
integrate with your Ford's push-to-start system, this key offers a reliable and
cost-effective solution. Its compatibility with the stop button on the
dashboard, also known as the PEPS 1-Way 3-Button Smart Key system, ensures a
seamless transition into your daily driving routine.

Seamless Compatibility

Equipped with the FCC ID M3N-A2C93142300, the Ford Smart Key
guarantees flawless connectivity that aligns with Ford's stringent standards.
Rest assured that this key effortlessly communicates with your vehicle,
ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

Precision Design for Enhanced Communication

Central to the key's performance is the IC BMW6955750.
Meticulously designed for flawless communication between the key and your Ford,
this IC establishes a seamless interaction, elevating your overall driving
experience to new heights of convenience.

Uninterrupted Connectivity at 315 MHz

Operating at an optimized frequency of 315 MHz, the Ford
Smart Key guarantees uninterrupted connectivity. This precision-tuned frequency
ensures that your commands effortlessly reach your Ford, enhancing the
responsiveness and efficiency of your vehicle interactions.

Advanced Security for Peace of Mind

Powered by a reliable CR2450 battery, the Ford Smart Key
offers long-lasting performance to consistently meet your needs. With the
inclusion of the advanced PCF7935 44 Chip, this key fob enhances security and
functionality, ensuring that your Ford remains protected against unauthorized

Easy Renewal for Sustained Functionality

The Ford Smart Key boasts a user-friendly design that allows
for easy chip replacement. This feature ensures that your key's functionality
remains intact over time, providing you with a lasting solution that
prioritizes convenience.

Effortless Replacement for Seamless Transition

Replacing your existing key has never been easier. Our
aftermarket solution seamlessly replaces part numbers OEM 164-R8163, Strattec
5929508 HC3T-15K601-AB, offering compatibility, reliability, and a smooth
transition into the enhanced features of the Ford Smart Key.

Perfect Compatibility with Ford Models

Owners of 2017-2018 Ford Edge, F-150, F-250, and F-350
models equipped with a push-to-start system can enjoy perfect compatibility
with the Ford Smart Key from CarKeys-4-Less. This wide-ranging compatibility
ensures that a multitude of Ford enthusiasts can benefit from the innovation
and convenience this key offers.

Elevate Your Ford Experience with CarKeys-4-Less

At CarKeys-4-Less, we understand the value of enhancing your
Ford driving experience. Our Ford Smart Key not only meets but exceeds OEM
standards, providing uncompromised quality that withstands the test of time.
Experience the excellence of a key without straining your budget. Contact us
today to place your order for the revolutionary Ford Smart Key and take the
first step towards elevating your Ford ownership to a whole new level.

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