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2009-2018 Ford F-Series Explorer / 4-Button Remote Head Key / OUC6000022 / (AFTERMARKET)

2009-2018 Ford F-Series Explorer / 4-Button Remote Head Key / OUC6000022 / (AFTERMARKET)

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2009-2018 Ford / 4-Button Remote Head Key / OUC6000022
Brand New Aftermarket
FCC ID: OUC6000022, CWTWB1U793
Frequency: 315 Mhz
Reusable: Yes
Battery: CR2032
Chip: 80 Bit
Replaces PN: 164-R8067, 5912561
sku: 800

Compatible with the following:
2011 - 2014 Ford F-150
2011 - 2016 Ford F-250
2011 - 2016 Ford F-350
2012 - 2016 Ford F-450
2012 - 2016 Ford F-550
2012 - 2018 Ford F-650
2012 - 2018 Ford F-750
2013 - 2015 Ford Explorer
2009 - 2017 Ford Expedition
2014 - 2017 Lincoln Navigator
2007 - 2015 Lincoln MKX

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Buy Ford F-Series Smart Key to Enhance Your Driving Experience

Introducing the pinnacle of ease and elegance for your Ford F-Series trucks - the all-new aftermarket remote head key with a 80-Bit Chip, available exclusively at CarKeys-4-Less. Enhance your time on the road with this smart key that effortlessly merges cutting-edge technology, dependability, and cost-effectiveness.

Key Features That Redefine Convenience

Elevate your driving experience with the remarkable features of the Ford F-Series Smart Key that redefine convenience and security.

Impeccable Condition: Made to perfection, our Ford F-Series smart key offers performance akin to an OEM counterpart, presenting a dependable and cost-effective alternative for your keyless needs.

FCC ID: OUC6000022: A symbol of compatibility, the FCC ID ensures seamless integration, adhering to Ford's rigorous standards. This guarantees a harmonious connection between the smart key and your vehicle.

Frequency: Operating at an optimized 315 Mhz frequency, our smart key guarantees uninterrupted connectivity, allowing your commands to be
flawlessly transmitted to your vehicle without any compromise.

Battery: Powered by a reliable CR2032 battery, our smart key provides long-lasting power that ensures your convenience is maintained day after day, minimizing any disruptions.

Reusable: Embracing sustainability, our Ford F-Series Smart Key is thoughtfully designed for multiple uses. This eco-friendly approach ensures both convenience and environmental responsibility.

Chip: Equipped with an advanced 80-bit chip, our smart key enhances security and performance. With this cutting-edge technology, you can trust in the protection of your vehicle and the reliability of your key.

Buttons: The Ford F-Series Smart Key features essential Lock, Unlock, Panic, and Hatch buttons, granting you full control over your truck's functions. This intuitive layout ensures easy access and management.

Experience the difference these features bring to your driving routine with the Ford F-Series Smart Key. It's not just a key; it's a symbol of convenience, reliability, and innovation. Upgrade your journey today and redefine how you interact with your vehicle. Trust in the excellence of this smart key to
enhance your every drive.

Compatible Models

Our Brand-New Aftermarket 4-Button Remote Head Key with 80-Bit Chip is compatible with:

Ford F-150: 2011 - 2014

Ford F-250: 2011 - 2016

Ford F-350: 2011 - 2016

Ford F-450: 2012 - 2016

Ford F-550: 2012 - 2016

Ford F-650: 2012 - 2018

Ford F-750: 2012 - 2018

Ford Explorer: 2013 - 2015

Ford Expedition: 2009 - 2017

Lincoln Navigator: 2014 - 2017

Lincoln MKX: 2007 - 2015

Note: This remote requires separate on-board programming, apart from the transponder.

Why Opt for CarKeys-4-Less?

CarKeys-4-Less is your trusted source for innovative, affordable automotive key solutions. Discover why our Brand-New Aftermarket
Ford F-Series Smart Key stands out:

Unparalleled Quality: Our smart key exceeds OEM standards, offering reliability and longevity.

Affordable Excellence: Experience genuine smart key convenience at a fraction of the cost, showcasing accessible luxury.

Expert Craftsmanship: Our profound automotive key expertise ensures seamless, enhanced driving experiences.

Effortless Replacement: Swift installation means minimal downtime, getting you back on the road swiftly.

Customer Satisfaction: Join satisfied customers who've transformed their truck relationship with our dependable smart keys.

Contact Us for Enhanced Driving!

Elevate your Ford F-Series experience with the Brand-New Aftermarket 4-Button Remote Head Key by CarKeys-4-Less. Embrace advanced
technology, unrivaled reliability, and unmatched convenience. Order now and redefine your driving journey.